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Why is it possible to link RichText to collection items but not in link blocks?

Why is it possible to link RichText to internal collection items but not in link blocks? Doesn’t make any sense, or not? Is it a bug?

Hi! This isn’t a bug so I’ve changed the category for this post. You can only link to a collection item from a collection list or page. You could add a URL to the link block of course. and add that instead.

Hi sarahfrison,
thanks for your answer.
But it is possible to link from a static page to dynamic collection items if you choose a textlink inside a richtext module. (I can do so definitely in my project). And it’s great and I can’t see why it shouldn’t be possible at normal links. So it may be a good idea to implement this to all link items on all pages.

I’ve build an example. Please try and check it out!

Hi @sarahfrison
please take a look at my last comment and my preview link. It seems that it is a bug!

I’ve wondered the exact same thing. I wouldn’t class this as a bug, but it does seem strange that you can only link to dynamic pages via a link that’s inside a rich text box, (and not a ‘normal’ link) that makes no sense. Like you mention, why can’t I do this via a standard link or link box?

I know I can drag out a CMS item on to a static page and link to content that way but with a page limit of x2 collections you can easily hit that limit with complex builds. Using the Rich Text box link can overcome this limit for basic links.

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Yes, you’re right. But I think it’s a bug or inconsistency that is doesn’t work on all links.

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