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Discrepancy in linking to a dynamic page from a link block and a rich text element


Through trial & error and reading previous forum posts (eg. Can't link to CMS page from regular text link in the settings panel) I am concluding that this seemingly minuscule, but nonetheless impactful discrepancy in the behaviour of the link settings panels persists.

The goal
I have a static page with a button. This button is created by adding a SVG graphics and a paragraph H1 element into a Link Block element. I am happy with that design. Now I would like to be able to link to a dynamic / CMS page from that button.

The issue
When opening the link properties on the Link Block, no CMS pages are visible on the list. My only option is to choose another static page (not my goal) or manually insert the full URL of that dynamic page (not great.)

The discrepancy
When testing, I see that CMS pages are visible through the link properties if I am creating an inline link through a rich text element. Odd. However, my design cannot be recreated using Rich Text Elements, and I obviously cannot add a Rich Text Element into a Link Block.

The plead
Since we already know that it’s technically possible to show the list of CMS pages in the link properties panel, it would be of immense help, if you could activate the same functionality for not only Rich Text Elements, but also for the Link Blocks.

Looking forward to hearing back on this :slight_smile:

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