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Linking to collection Items from text link or link block is not possible

It is possible to link to all existing collection items via the list offered at the page link option in rich text links, wherever this rich text field is placed. But the collection items are not available from the same page link option in text links and link blocks, so this needs to set a manual external link to specific collection items, what at least enables this linking.

But during development phase the final domain is regularly not conncected. This needs to renew all manual links of this type during the release of the site, what means additional work, to do and potential failures. Also, this can break links, if the url of collection items would be changed.

Hi @pupinko, thanks for the post. I am not sure exactly if I understand the issue fully, could you please help to share the read-only link of the site which is having the issue?

Which page is the issue is happening and can you take a screenshot of the links in question? Here is a oood tool that I recommend:

Thanks in advance.

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