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Link to pages inside Rich Text Block


Why is the way we insert links in Rich Text Blocks so different from the normal Link item? I only have the option to link to external pages. I’m missing so many features compared to the normal link item.

Why is this?


No one?

I guess I have to mention our main man @thesergie again to push this topic up in the list. Sorry Sergie :smile:
I have similar problems in dynamic items, can’t link to subpages inside the site. Why is that?

+1 I need to link inside too, is there a way?

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@rowan I feel you! We should have the same kind of options in the Rich Text element. We’re thinking about a way to implement it correctly.

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I’ve started to using rich text elements more and more, but linking to another created page is a pain. Any update on when this is going to be fixed @thesergie?

OIlder referenced thread:

For link to another page inside your site just type link in this format: /pagename or /pagename#sectionname

We usually say it’s Coming Soon™ but for this one i’m gonna say it’s Coming Very Soon™. :slight_smile:


Coming Very Soon™
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Yeah that’s easy for /about etc. but when you try to start interlinking blog posts (not sure if this will even be a capability in their version) it gets a little cumbersome.

This will be supported.

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+1, I really need this too… Also the options to do things like mailto links inside rich text. Why not just add the full normal link options for rich text links…?

Seems this is launched today! WOOHOO!!!


Hey @rowan @ElizabethC @Randy @sabanna @Corine this functionality is indeed available now:



@waldo, that’s fantastic! Thank you!

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