Choosing Collection pages for links

When I add a Rich Text Block to one of my pages and adding a link I can choose to link to one of mine collection pages. But when I just add a button to a page I can only choose from the static pages.

Is this something that is missed and can be fixed or is it a expected behavior?

Hi @jorn

Thanks for posting — can you share a Read-Only link?


Sure @Brando, I was working om a page for testing a few things out when I noticed that it was not possible.

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Hi @jorn

When testing on this site I was able to link to a collection page using a button:
Are you referring to a different button? Can you send a screenshot of the issue? :bowing_man:

From the start page I added a button and wanted to add a internal link. Thee’s no option to add a link to a collection page.

But if I add a Rich Text Block to my start page and selects link I can choose a page from a collection.

So I’m not talking about the collection page I’m talking about the start page, a static page.

Thanks so much for the clarification @jorn!

I’ve reached out to the team just to be sure here. Currently this is expected behavior.

The only way to link to a collection page is to have your link / button nested inside of a Collection list, unless your link is nested inside a rich text element. We hope to extend these settings to the standard link settings in the future, but until then you have a couple options for a workaround:

  • Add the link inside the Rich text element and style it like a button
  • Nest the button inside a collection list

I hope this helps clarify the behavior here! :bowing_man:

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