Why do i have overflow/white space showing on mobile when it does not show overflow in Designer Mode? How can I fix this?

In Designer Mode, my mobile version looks fine, but on actual mobile, I have overflow and cannot scroll without the page moving around and a white space occurs on the right side.

I checked all over and the only overflow that i can find is the sliders, but they are set to no overflow.

Maybe I am missing something. Would appreciate help to figure this out.
Thank you!

Read only link: Webflow - Diego

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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Hi Diego,

I understand that there is an issue where there is whitespace on the right side of the published mobile webpage that is not supposed to be there.

As you mentioned, I can’t see the issue in Designer Mode and I can’t view your published site due to a password lock. However, I suspect these two text boxes could be the issue. They are currently set to a fixed pixel width and Overflow is set to visible.

As shown in the screenshots below, try setting the width to 90 VW which will limit the text box width to only 90% of the viewport width. Also, set the overflow to hidden.

Do this on the largest breakpoint where you are having issues.

I hope this helps!



Hi there, thanks for this! Unfortunately, it didnt work. Here is the published link. It’s so strange because there’s no overflow. Here is the published link Diego's Cocktails & Food Menu

Hi Diego,

Thanks for allowing public access to your site. I checked on my iPhone’s Safari browser and Chrome (for desktop but in Inspect mode to emulate an iPhone SE) and wasn’t able to replicate the issue of the white space.

Either you were able to find a fix or perhaps it is an issue with the device/browser you’re using. Let me know if it’s persisting and I’d be happy to take another look.


Hey Tyler, Thank you so much for looking into this. I managed to fix that page through the process of elimination, but now I’m having the same issue for my blog page on mobile. It’s interesting because it doesn’t do it on the way down, but once you go up, the page will sway from left to right. I’ve done the process of elimination again and i cant seem to figure it out. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!!

Video showing the problem:RPReplay_Final1688624893.MP4 - Google Drive

Read only: Webflow - Diego

Actual page: Diego