Unwanted right space responsive design (mobile)


I’ve been struggling for a really long time trying to find what’s causing the white right space in my repsonsive website for the mobile version. My website works perfectly if I resize the browser, but from the moment I choose a mobile simulator (for example: iPhone X) things start to go wrong. I really can’t find the issue or the element causing this white space. Any help is really appreciated!!

Here is my site’s published link: LINK

Hey @LiquidPirateCat! Welcome to the community. On first look, you have a few elements giving you unintended space:


Can you share your read-only link so I can take a look at how your website is set up on the mobile breakpoint? You can learn how to share your read-only link here: https://university.webflow.com/article/sharing-your-sites-read-only-link


Thank you! I haven’t created a project of my website. Is it possible to create a read-only link without a project? If not, how can I upload my exsisting project into a project?

Whoops, I just realized that the link you shared isn’t a Webflow published link. My mistake! Regardless, those elements are the ones that look to be causing your horizontal overflow.

Have you tried wrapping all of your elements in a div, setting max-width to 100vw and then setting overflow:hidden?