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Overflow white space right side of site on mobile view

I am currently having an issue with my site in the mobile view. When visiting the site via mobile, you get an extra white space on the right of the site. It is not noticeable at the start, but on mobile you can scroll right and it will be there. I’m thinking this is because I have something overflowing but I cannot seem to locate the culprit to this heinous event. Here is the site:

This white space runs all down my code. If you toggle on mobile view through your developer tools you will see what I’m talking about. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is not occurring on my other pages so I know what I did on my home page is the underlying issue.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Applying an overflow hidden on the body or html tag will resolve this issue.
html {
overflow-x: hidden;

I would delete this forum questions but I dont think webflow allows it as I cannot seem to do so.

Your title is well written and you came back giving a fix… so the post can help others later on :slight_smile: It’s not in vain, thanks!

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