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White space in chrome mobile of Webflow project

How to get rid of that white space - which doesnt show in WEBFLOW browser but when on actual mobile phone it does appear. pic attached.BROWSER_ISSUE

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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We’re going to need a read-only link to your site as well as the published link.

and external is this;

The white space is there in the designer. The problem is that you’ve got the width of your slider specifically set to being wider than the width of the screen.

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I have managed to fix vertical view port: - but problem exist on horizontal view.
I have adjusted slider to fit Webflow phone browser horizontally - why Its impossible to see actual mobile browser horizontally - On chrome it gives me white gap and in webflow doesn’t?

Hi @webflowuser2345

Here are the 2 screenshot i just took from chrome app on mobile

Everything looks normal for me.
Could be a cache issue, try to open your site in incognito mode.
Hope this helps,

It looks, cz I did it, I put view port of 210 vh on horizontal mobile view - and I dont remember anyone mentioning that since I signed up.