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Getting rid of mysterious white space

Hello everyone,
I am quite new here. I am working on my site and the mobile version on one of the pages (Company) has white space to the right. I have manually check every element a couple of times over and just can’t seem to find where the issue lies. Would appreciate any help!

Here’s the read-only: Read-only
Here’s the published: Published


Hello Robin,
Can you show a screen shot of your issue as I don’t see anything white.
If you mean gap from an edge etc let me know.

Hi sir,
I took it but forgot to post it, sorry. Here it is!

I dont get a white bar when I click mobile in webflow.
I am using edge, do you get it on a mobile device?

ok tried published on my phone, I think you are seeing scroll bar, im running in dark mode so i see a small rectangle going down my page.
not sure where to start but do you have overflow auto on?

you will get it i think if you have something come from the right hand side of the screen or is too wide.

Weird. I actually just viewed the published version on mobile for the first time and saw that almost everything is off :upside_down_face: Not really sure where to go from here. I guess there is no easy answer to why the layout in the Designer isn’t the same when published?

As for the overflow- I’m afraid I am not familiar with that yet. Where do I enable it?


i think either something is wider than the mobile screen or you have something transitioning position wider than the width.
mobile is 320x so if anything goes past or moves 321x or greater you get a scroll.
Or that’s my understanding.
On my mobile if I thumb sideways the screen moves sideways, that’s the give away.

Overflow is in the size section.

lol just found a nice feature.
on developer.
tick the 320px and it opens a box.
inside is a reset.
click that and it shows you your actual width used on mobile.
Also on your picture post, notice it says along the side, affects 479px and below.
*edit ignore abovr

check your footer
1st footer column has -272 margin etc.
have fun and let me know how you get on.

Funny stuff, this is typical of Webflow startup templates and is the result of not understanding anything about the limitations of mobile views. The trick is to not veer to much from the design unless you know what you are doing.

Post a preview link of the actual site will go a lot quicker because then I can get in and tell you exactly whats wrong instead of guessing like ur friend there.

Hi Robin,

Whenever you see that the body shifts left and right, something is flowing beyond the allowed body width. I mainly have this problem when using the grid (could be an extra column not being used). or when using elements with minimum widths that exceed that width (for example, the re-captcha in lower screen breaks.)

I can’t see your read-only (it was deleted, so maybe you solved this?) but I suggest you look into grids or minimum widths on elements as culprits. Good luck!