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Why aren't CMS collections & Symbols sorted alphabetically?

I’ve put up with this for a few months now, but now that our CMS is growing, it’s starting to drive me crazy… :expressionless:

Why are elements within Collections sorted alphabetically, while the collections themselves aren’t?

Also, the Symbols library is a nightmare for the same reason… :frowning_face:


Yep. Has bugged me for a long time also.

Or why can’t you drag and re-order them like you would the fields in a collection?

Make a wishlist item - Not that anything will ever happen with it.


↑ Yes!


Recently collections list was fixed, and currently, all collections are sorted in date creation order. Adding proposal to wishlist is a good idea, as it is a most straightforward way for this improvement to make to Webflow developer backlog.

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Wishlist item added:

If you think it’s a good suggestion, go upvote it!

Speaking of which @frontendgirl, when do our votes reset? The last time I could vote was over 8 months ago… :cry:

Or why can’t you drag and re-order them like you would the fields in a collection?

↑ I also say Yes! to this.
It would also be nice to have folders just like the page menu with the possibility to set visibility on or off for the CMS editor.
F ex. some collections are either fixed or used for cross-reference or just test/development and it would be good to hide some of it away from the customer.
The possibility to set visibility would also have been great for individual pages as there is no need for the user of the publisher to see test sites and style guides.

I know this should go on the wishlist but I feel when something gets in there it disappears in a black hole for some reason :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea @perkristian - I logged it here.

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Votes are given back once an idea, for which you was voted, has been shipped.