CMS Collections Default Sorting (Admin & Editor)

Hi there

Is it possible to change how by Default, Webflow CMS sorts your collection items when you select the collection as Admin / Editor?

Currently it always defaults to ‘Created On’ Latest First - whenever you open a list.

This never used to be an issue for me, but now that we have multiple sites with HUNDREDS of items in some lists - it is driving me and my clients insane!

It is incredibly frustrating and annoying when you have over hundreds of items in a list, where after you edit one , publish the changes and return to the list… you immediately lose your place , as the list results back the default ‘Created On’ Latest First.

If you SAVE as a Collaborator inside the Editor, it resets the entire list sorting by name… and you have to click it again - guaranteed to lose your place.

Of course you can just click the Name to sort from A to Z etc each time your need to make edits… but man it gets tiresome! (especially in a list with over 600 products that you had to import in!)

Is there not just a way to set it as the default? And for it to work for all users?

It just seems ridiculously counter productive and poor QoL feature, that you have to constantly reselect how you sort your items by, whenever yourself or a Client opens a list.

I sent Webflow Support a Q on this a while ago but have had no insight - so thought I’d ask the community if this has been raised / solved before !
Surely this cannot be as difficult as it looks to lock in a default sorting for the items in your CMS database?