Sort Collections / Drag to Reorder

hey guys,
i would love to see the “drag to reorder” function also for collections. just like sorting your pages.



hello! I agree!

As I built my collections randomly, they look a bit of a mess in the list. I would like to drag and reorder them, just like sorting pages. I have some collections for the blog and others for products and prices. It would be great to be able to organise these better - even to be able to add collection folders. I don’t mind a random list as I built it and understand it but a better organised list of collections would look better for the client and also make things a bit easier when he/she wants to update things.

When you create a new collection, it seems to add it to the list randomly, not aways at the bottom. e.g. I created the ‘Job Vacancies’ collection last but it’s put it 5 up from the bottom… Random!!

As you can see, my collections look a bit of a mess!

I also think the number of collections, collection fields and dynamic lists you can add should be made much clearer.



I’d like this feature also. Seems like it should be really easy to accomplish for the amazing Webflow team!

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