Whitelabel AddOn

Suggestion for the Webflow Staff Members,

It would be amazing if you guys could provide an add on for a full WHITELABEL feature per site or something.
That would include:

  • Removal of Html Reference in the top of the html page
  • Unbranding of the webpage
  • The ability to change the css styles sheets, js scripts, class and file names within the dashboard
  • The seo tags referencing things about Webflow
  • Forms that include Webflow branding
    … etc
    = So basically everything that’ll reference back to Webflow.

And possibly a per subscription add on too …that allows the whole designer dashboard Whitelabeled. Similarly to that of Weebly … I would recommend sending a spy in to sign up for a designer account on here: http://designers.weebly.com/dhpv.php?# … to fully understand what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a account with them before and as a designer I just loved this possibility of displaying the whole dashboard and portal as my own, with no reference of weebly … even within your own company. Though, I don’t like anything else about them … therefore I end up not using them.

I believe this would please all your current supporters (that include freelance firms and studios, startups, developers, designers … etc.) and attract newcomers / possible new audience


  • designers and freelance firms could have their own company portal displaying them more professionally on one side and their secret of the amazing WF tool on the other side … making WF confidential.

  • startups could use your service and not be afford of others knowing that they did so, that would result in possibly mischief or copying

  • developers don’t have to expose their secret of not actually coding up everything


WF’s current pricing structure that contains a quarter of the above feature is the plans that are professional and up … which is for the big companies and way too expensive / overkill for the smaller or starting companies / designers, as well as per site users.
As for the personal plan, it only allows the unbranding of the visual site … thus would result in the users who don’t like to have WF’s reference … exporting the site and removing them manually, which also result in the decrease of potential hosting with WF, thus WF decreases in revenue.
Especially, when WF targeted audience is freelancers … whose market is the most demanding in such a service … beginners and pros alike. Therefore, this is a solution that I think is great for both worlds. :smiley:
Most important, when the discussion of WF’s current pricing structure has been so hype.

P.S. I have nothing against Webflow. It’s an amazing tool / CMS and we all love it. :heart:
That’s why we want to and a lot of business owners / designers alike, want to keep you guys confidential as much as possible. Just like how everything behind any business works. :wink:



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Here are some examples of the demand:

For me whitelabel is not nescasarry. It looks that designers are afraid to show with what they are working. We have to tell all people arround us that Weblfow is the nr. 1 tool… so that it will be the nr. 1. i would say that if somepoeple really want Whitelabel, let them pay for it.


Hi @Koen,

Thank you for your opinion.

As I want to strongly clarify on the fact that the reason this was requested is not because we are not proud of WF or that we are "afraid " of showing what we use. I merely just want to express the multiple reasons why we would like such a feature: ranging from confidentiality, not wanting to advertise in potential of losing clients … etc. Displaying the opinions and the facts of why one would want this feature. Plainly giving feedback on ways to introduce a additional market to Webflow.

I am 100% with you on making WF being the no.1. I would love that! They have the potential of being the No.1 in the industry, the way they’re revolving the way designers work, the web. The industry will know about them even if they provided whitelabel. Because they are that good but let the user choose how they want to spread WF and support. Thus, would target both audiences.

I wrote this to help Webflow grow by giving feedback, as well as my own opinion.
But I guess everyone’s opinion is different and thank you for expressing yours. Thus, WF could see the 2 markets within the same industry I was talking about.



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I just want to point out that most people that use weebly’s whitelabel solution do not get any of the features you wished for. It’s very easy to tell if a website was created in Weebly by looking at the source code (if it doesn’t make you barf)


@PixelGeek @callmevlad @Adrian @cyberdave

Any chance we can have an update on;

  1. Whitelabel
  2. Exporting CMS to our own hosting.


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  1. Very Soon:wink:

  2. Not as soon.

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I told you very soon, @DesignerDiana & @Matty :wink:


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Haha. Thanks! Btw, loved the video! :smile: