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Poll: How should white labeling work in Webflow?

Hi everyone! We have some ideas on how white labeling should work for the Editor and Client Billing but wanted to get feedback from the community. Just to clarify, white labeling is the ability to replace the Webflow logo in the Editor or the Client Billing payment forms with your own custom logo.

How do you expect pricing for white labeling to work?

  • White labeling should be included with the Pro plan (for all sites).
  • White labeling should be a separate add-on for each site for all plans.

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How customizable should logo placement be?

If you wish to use your own logo and/or the client’s logo in different features.

  • Upload one custom logo to display on both the Editor AND Client Billing payment forms.
  • Upload separate custom logos—one to display on the Editor and a different one to display on Client Billing payment forms.

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I’d prefer white labelling to be included in the pro plan cost. I’m currently on the grandfathered personal plan, but it would entice me to move to the pro plan if white labelling were a pro plan feature.

As I’m from NZ, the exchange rate can be quite unforgiving at times with some of these add-on costs.

As for logos, I’m not currently using client billing (waiting for Stripe to launch in NZ), but more flexibility around logo placement seems like a good move.

Thanks for the feedback Liam! :beers:

How about both? Included as part of the pro plan AND as a fairly expensive add-on for the starter plan.

Hey Douglas! The point of this poll is to see what general direction users would prefer. Having an “all the things” option would make it harder to get a conclusive result. Also, supporting both options is harder to present and explain.

@thesergie Before anything, congrats on this initiative :slight_smile:
Asking and involving the community makes us feel valued and appreciated.
Thank you for that :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I’d say if the plans stay what they are without a price increase and the 3 available options: include white labeling in the professional plan. If the long shot of bringing back the personal plan becomes a reality, I’d include it as an add-on in all plans. I’d have to agree with @Phoxic 's logic.

As one of the recent vocal individuals on the pricing topic, I too want to express my appreciation to the staff for reaching out to get input. I do hope none of my comments come across as ungrateful for all the work that’s been put into Webflow. Most of my opinions I’ve already posted, but I share my thoughts on the matter here as well.

Between the two choices, I feel white labeling should be included with the Pro/paid plans.

Alternatively, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it as a $1 add-on per site. When static hosting costs $5, I feel $1 is a reasonable cost (other than free) for switching out a few logos.

White labeling at $1 or free definitely brings me back a step closer to utilizing Webflow. :slight_smile:

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What keeps me from using Client Billing is the 5% overhead you guys charge, as well as the intransparent way it was indicated at the bottom of the client billing page.

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First time posting here. Hey all! Below post is not just a comment to the above whitelabel poll but it also includes some other thoughts.

First off let me just say it is a great product, company and community you got here. Support seems great.

Let me quickly explain where I am coming from so you can perhaps understand my point of view. I have developed custom WordPress websites for 5 years for both big and small clients. WordPress is super versatile and integrate with so many services. WordPress can do anything but that is not necessarily a good thing. Some times it is better to use a specific tool for the task. Why do I mention that? Because I am seeing more and more drag & builders for WP and this is clearly the future. The problem is WP is not built for that. WP are however working on changing this with their new JS mission. This drag & builder trend let me to Webfow. I first heard about Webflow in a video where Vlad was showing the Flexbox feature in Webflow. Even though I can built custom WP sites rather quickly I see the value in Webflow and would love to use Webflow instead of WP however Webflow is not there yet but might be one day. Pagination, search, comments. I like the way the CMS is done. How I can bind (believe thats the term Mat Vogles uses) the fields to my HTML classes. By the way. Mat Vogles and Nelson and all the others working at Webflow are awesome.

Here are some thoughts I have:

  1. Whitelabel is personally not something I think it super important. Why? Because my company name is not big enough to make my clients feel comfortable about us maintaining a proprietary CMS for them. I actually don’t want them to think that they are tied down to us forever because of a proprietary CMS.
  2. This leads me to a concern I have about Webflow. Perhaps not a concern but something that I have been thinking about. I am actually in that position that my clients sites (CMS ones) will be locked down to Webflow. I know you are working on an export feature which will help on this.
  3. And this leads me to this. I want Webflow to succeed. I don’t mind paying fees to Webflow as I need Webflow to continue for years and years. However I also need to survive. Right now we make a residual income on hosting and retainers which is a little difficult with Webflow based on the monthly fee of hosting, ssl and if we wanted it, whitelable. I think my biggest concern is the SSL cost. Going forward in 2017 Google will warn every site as unsafe in Chrome meaning SSL is a must have. $10 and $5 SSL every month makes it hard to make a residual income. Especially since Let’s Encrypt is free.
  4. Perhaps a solution to this is to increase hosting price for high traffic CMS sites? This way I can charge more to my clients and justify it because of the traffic. This is normal in the WP hosting world at least. So you perhaps you charge $10 for small sites with SSL included and $15 for bigger sites with SSL included.

I know this is just my opinion and that you need to run your company in a way you can satisfy the majority however I thought it couldn’t hurt to share my thoughts.

Good luck with your future endeavours

I don’t know if this have been mentioned. But I would gladly pay $100 or more a month (annually plan) if the hosting, whitelabeling, SSL and so on was free or close to free for every site.

Move away from addon based pricing altogether. Roll all features into “plans” that we’re more then happy to pay for as long as you are up front about it. Stop surprising us with pricing changes, plan changes, features being removed and/or moving from free to paid without warning. Transparency guys, come on.

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@webflow @thesergie
Is there any update about this? waiting for this to happen before / and if i switch to the pro plan.@web

We’ll be sending a big update next month with all the changes.