White Label Features in Webflow

Hi webflow community!

I really wish webflow’s upcoming announcement has the features outlined in this video by webydo:

The features are white label reselling of custom created sites, as well as a client DIY wizard which abstracts all the webydo branding, which is obviously the white labelling.

I’m still really on the fence about taking the leap of faith to go with webflow. If the upcoming changes do not implement these features, I may sadly sign up with webydo as they provide these features including a CMS and hosting.

If anybody could convince me otherwise, please please don’t hesitate! Hoping to hear what everyone thinks about these features and whether we can add more pressure to the brilliant webflow team to get these into the platform!

So do you currently use Webydo? I was real impressed with their interface or functions during the trial period.

You’re not the only one who’s looking for white labeled code here. This feature would address a particular use of Webflow: building templates to resell. I guess the primary market imagined for Webflow is: building great site for your client or yourself. And it does this extremely well. So I wonder if it’s a primary goal or a goal at all for Webflow to address this market.

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For me the value of Webflow is the clean and managable code, unlimited exports, and the community that is growing around it.

When i last tyed Webydo you couldnt actually make a resposive site. You could only style the view points that they gave you. In other words no fluid design.

I struggled with the concept of whitelabeling products for awhile. I ended up deciding that a white lable solution didnt provide me with any value. I don’t want to hide the fact that I am useing Webflow from my clients.

It also always bothered me that Webydo markets haveing a CMS. They don’t really. Thay have a way to prevent a client from making changes sure but that is not the fudimental or the most useful function of a CMS. It is the ability to publish content once and have it appear everywhere on the site it needs to be.

Just someof my thoughts


@jdesign, no I don’t currently use Webydo, but I too was impressed with the features they provide. I’ve only seen these through their videos, and these are exactly the features I’ve been looking for. I however prefer how Webflow closely couples their wysiwyg features with the underlying HTML/CSS architecture, which is why I haven’t 100% committed to webydo just yet.

Thanks @vincent and @AlexN for your points of view. I can certainly see where you’re coming from in particular Alex. I guess the features I’m after are definitely something that I’ve been looking for for quite some time. I stumbled across Webflow not long ago and to be honest, it’s by far the best web design tool I’ve ever seen. The only reason as to why I would like white label sites is for the very reason they were created in the first place I suppose, to show off a brilliant tool and impress clients on top of your top notch design skills. I guess that’s my view of it anyway, and every one has their preferences.

I also noticed that webydo actually do not have a fully fledged CMS platform. I think they’ve completely mislead on that front. It’s actually only a content editing tool for static content, without the ability to dynamically add new information, like normal CMS platforms do.

Hi Guys

I hope Webflow releases a whitelabel version soon. I have an agency and i don’t like have people knowing which tools i am using for each project. For me whitelabel is a must.



Soon = NOW! :smiley: Enjoy!