White-Labeling and Reselling CMS Hosting


I’m excited about Webflow’s new cms and am eagerly anticipating a shopping cart.

By the way, any eta on the shopping cart addition to the new cms?

But I am just not sure the best way to resell this to my clients. I don’t mind paying for the cms. But with Webflow being so prominently displayed on the cms, I don’t know how I can mark this up for profit. The client can easily go and see webflow’s pricing and wonder why they would be paying more through me.

I have a professional plan so I can have unbranded sites, not sure how a branded cms can work into my business offerings.

I’m not complaining - I am asking for suggestions/advice. How are others planning to use this?

Thank you.

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Webflow has started the CMS thing on a wrong note. My advise: Signup Webflow partners (Premium and Standard)


-1. white-labelled
2. Partners can tell Webflow to invoice Partner or invoice Client (Encourage Upsell)
3. Commission for life on all existing website hosted with Webflow


-1. Partners can tell Webflow to invoice Partner or invoice Client (Encourage Upsell)
2. Commission for life on all existing website hosted with Webflow

Secondly a lot of core platform functionality have not been addressed.

  1. Creating web applications
  2. E-Commerce
  3. CRM
  4. Secure Zones
  5. SSL


Webflow would have been better as a design tool not hosting/CMS thing. You will notice that core design functioanlity and improvement have been jettison for CMS/Hosting- more money crave. It will still take Webflow CMS another 5 years for it to mature. Who’ll wait for all that?

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@toplovely I’ll have to disagree. The Webflow team has delivered a solid, fast, tool that is nearly unlike any other on the market. And as a CMS it has huge functionality out of the gate…everything, no but a lot for certain!

I think white-labelling is coming in the roadmap as is maybe e-commerce (Webflow team would need to confirm). Otherwise what you are asking for isn’t just a CMS it’s a billing and invoicing system, CRM??(why in your design tool…I don’t understand), SSL would be nice.

Webflow is a design tool and sites can be exported. All you have to pay is the annual or monthly fee to use the tool. You might want to explore the CMS more.

What tool have you found that can compare to Webflow or addresses - by itself - all the items you mention?


Are you a Webflow Staff? I might not disagree with about the underlying technology used deploying the Webflow CMS. But in this closed SAAS market, they need to do more to have loyal users (designers, developers and digital agencies). The platform should also be structured in that manner to address the issue raised by the original poster of this thread.

No, I’m not Webflow staff. Just a designer/developer using Webflow routinely. Webflow as a SAAS isn’t completely closed as you can export the code. It seems to me the pricing is better for Pros and Agencies than individuals.

To address @PixelPanda questions. I think an “unbranded” or white label might happen someday but can’t confirm. Webflow still shows as the generator unless you export and remove. Having a pro-plan and reselling to a client is easy.

Think about it this way… to get a plan with more than two pages, and without the “Made In Webflow” tag at the bottom your client would have to pay $16/month plus the $4.99 for a custom domain (static site) or $20 for custom domain (CMS). This means they would pay $20.99 or $36.99 and not have as many email submissions available and no priority support. So charging the client what it would cost them to have their own plan (I don’t but might start) and keep them under your plan doesn’t seem unrealistic since you are ultimately providing more value. Those prices are still less than the $35 + $5 or $20 that having their own pro plan would costs.

Hello @topelovely where can i signup for Webflow partners program?


That was just a suggestion to the Webflow team. There is nothing like that.

White labeling is here! Let us know what you think by replying to this thread: