Why does my form name send as "webflow forms"

At the end of form submissions from: my forms are saying webflow forms. I’m curious what is going on and why it is showing this at the end of the name. Everything else is white labelled and this just randomly appeared when it send to a client now.

so “from: contact form webflow forms?”

Is there a way to fix this?


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Well that’s not pretty. Looking at my logs I can see it started Sept 8th, and weirdly, I have no email leads at all on Wed Sept 7th (NZT), across 50+ sites. That’s highly unusual, so my working theory is that the Webflow team may have had to make some kind of emergency mailserver change.

I’m curious to know more but I don’t have time to wade through the mail headers. It appears they’re using MailJet both before and after that date.

If whitelabeling is important to you, I’d recommend you take a different approach. For my clients with sales force automation (SFA) systems like SalesForce, Pipedrive, Nutshell, I push leads directly into that system.

For clients who have a more casual lead-processing environment, I push them into Slack or MS Teams, or sometimes even a Google sheet.

If you really want to do email leads, use Zapier or Make to push them directly to MailJet. Then you can brand the leads, format them much more usefully and attractively, and have them sent from your own domain, e.g. leads@yourcompany.com. Bonus… no unsubscribe link.

PM me if you need some assistance with that.