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White-Label in Professional Account


I’ve signed up for the professional plan and have a hosted published site.
Turned off the webflow branding and edited the forms to remove the webflow branding as much as possible.

Is there anywhere else I should make changes to for truly unbrand Webflow?
Noticed that the form submissions are still showing webflow’s as the “from” email.

Searched the forum but could only find outdated responses.


Webflow has limited “white label” options. All you can do is to make sure branding is not on in site settings, add your logo is you are using client billing, and choose to use a third party mail handler for more control over mail handling to get rid of the Webflow branded email.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.

EDIT: Make sure to use a custom domain!

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You can use Zapier to send your own form reply e-mails and decide what the from-sender email should be by adjusting some settings.



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Thanks! Just wrapping my head around what is actually on offer with the white-labelling in the pro plan.