Which logo do you prefer?

Please choose one, and if you have time, let us know why. Thank you!


Icon 2 is bold and stands out more :slight_smile:

Both need some kerning work.

I’d take the shield from 1 and put it in place of the bug in 2.

Second one. For me, personally, it communicates better what company is doing

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2 for me:

  • Stronger text for this strong/protective brand
  • Modern ‘feel’
  • Easier to adapt that image for use on different/social media than a shield shape - important for it to standout even very small on different screens.


  • ‘Services’ is softer sounding than ‘Control’
  • I like the star but possibly makes it seem a little friendlier to the bug - undecided!
  • Could one of these work somewhere? :no_entry_sign:

I prefer number 2. I think i’s stronger and cleaner and I’m not sure about the shine in number 1. Maybe the star could be a letter B? Pest services could to be a touch smaller and move slightly to the left to line up with Beacon too. Sorry picky designer coming out in me! :laughing: