My own company logo. opinions

Hi everybody.

I have 2 projects logo for my company. I’m looking for opinion about it.

Few words about company. My company name is

ERNIS LAB. Im making prints on tshirts, advertising gadgets, and im little printery.

btw. sorry for my English.


First idea:

Second idea:


They both look good, though I like second one better because of its simplicity. First logo has its advantages too as you can use your logo without text (like Nike swoosh without text).

I like the first one. The second one is too minimal.

great job! :slight_smile:

Yup, first one. I like how the symbol mark reads as a printer icon.

I really love the first one! Especially with the large blue logotype.

I am not sure if this was the point but I keep seeing the I as a test tube in the second with bubbles coming out. Kind of goes with the lab thing.

Also what font is the first one?

Thank you guys for reply. Its really helpfull.


Yes that was the idea of second logo. I want to place test tube into typography, its little bit hidden but i think it works good.

Font name: Novecento

I hope it will be more opionions :wink:

Both excellent, first one wins, just.

Sweet job! First one wins here too!

I like the first one for sure!

2nd for me. I like bubbles. what can I say.

Second one is charming, but the first one is more unique and telling of the company’s business, so it gets my vote!

Thank u 4 comments!

How i can see u like more first idea. Opposed to Polish graphic designers they cant fill it and they see nothing special in this logo, one of comment was “first logo looks like greek wall paitings”:slight_smile:
Im interesting what u can see in this project. Only nice and intersting shape or letter E ? Or maybe 3x E letters in negative.

Peace from Poland.

I thought of this logo for the first.