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Opinion on Logo Design (Stem Company)

Hey guys. This design is for a STEM business and the story behind the name “Logic Electronics” comes from a logic in electronics def: a logic gate is an idealized or physical device implementing a Boolean function; that is, it performs a logical operation on one or more binary inputs and produces a single binary output. Anyways, I just wanted your opinion on this design and how I could possibly improve it. Thanks

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Hmm, interesting challenge! Firstly though, the blue on the orange is burning my eyes!

I’ve no knowledge of electronics so I had to google image the logic gate and can now see what you are trying to incorporate. The ‘face’ seems an unnecessary addition to me, unless that’s an electronic image too, or is it to get an ‘O’ shape?

(The ideal scenario would be if the name had a D in it, as you could have the shape sideways as it appears in those google images)

How would it look with just the logic gate basic shape (or icon) no circles inside, but with the lines the same thickness as the other large letters? I’m unsure if it will be ‘O’ enough…

Another approach, maybe don’t try integrating the shape/icon into the wording, so it stands alone on the left instead. Then have the wording in two rows lined up to each other, Logic would still be in a larger type than Electronics. This way you have more control over the shape/icon’s design, rather than trying to make it an ‘O’…

Font-wise - it looks like the trusted and well-used Open Sans or very similar? It’s popular (google fonts gives detail on how many sites are using it) and a safe choice, but is it unique enough for a logo, is it ‘electronic’ enough?

‘Overpass Mono’ and ‘Share Tech Mono’ caught my eye - the letter ‘I’ on those is like some of the connecting lines you see in electronic diagrams…worth a look?

Hope that helps and gives some further ideas to try out :slightly_smiling_face:


not gonna be the biggest fan here.
I agree with the orange color.

I see what you are trying to do with the “kid face”…

  • using a capacitor… not a bad idea…
  • or is that suppose to be a (electrical) plug ?

Maybe reverse the color… transparent background with orange face

  • not sure if that would help…

Hey Stu,

Thanks for the response. This is what I interpreted from what you said just I can’t get the font you said for Adobe Illustrator. So what do you think now?

I think the above also refers to what you said Revolution. So what do you think now?49 PM

Hey @Shayan2121,

I would take the right one in the middle. It´s simple and recognitive. Maybe you add here the blue color.

Also you could try a smoother blue. I think this one #41BBD9 or this one #3DA5D9 should work better with the orange .


Is this what 46 PMyou mean?

It’s a little better…

  • still not sure if it’s the best route.

The problem for me is 2 fold…

  • it’s starts with “the Orange”.

I like Orange

  • but only when it’s used “right place”… for the “right reason”.

“To much orange”…

  • tends to make me look away…

“Proper use of orange”

  • draws my eyes to it.

Maybe something like… (some shade of “blue”) for the “Logic” part.

Maybe orange for the capacitor / electrical plug (which is it) for the “kid face”.

Honestly not sure if that will help though. Beyond the Orange…

  • I just think there is a better way of presenting your idea.

I’d also make the “Electronics” a different color than the face and Logic… so you might end up with a 3 color logo.

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