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K Sheets Logo Critique

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site, so am very happy to hear of a more appropriate site or forum where I may seek feedback on design.

I present two logo concepts for print and online presence of a start-up. The business offers body waxing, cannabis-related products, motif garments and humour [of the printed kind as well as standup] (a rather eclectic combination, I know). Please say which logo concept is better suited in terms of website branding, business identity and general marketability.

I look forward to your thoughts. They are very appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey @DMConcepts, i’m not sure this is the right place for logo feedbacks, the design board category is more for webflow design.
Anyway, i prefer the c :wink: It remembers me some 90’s graphics.
Have a nice day,

Hmm, interesting challenge you have! Are you planning on building a site for the business in Webflow?

D for me, however i’m not sure either the name K Sheets or the graphics visually represent all that the company does…that being said it’s quite difficult to come up with something graphically that would cover all they offer! :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanky you for both replies. Absolutely appreciated. I have really struggled online to find venues were graphic designers can share concepts and bounce ideas around for feedback.

I will be developing an ecommerce store around this identity, and was at odds with the owner of the store over the choice of design for their online presence. © was overwhelmngly chosen by client’s friends and family - yet I have a gut instinct that the design (and possibly the name as well) may well be the death of the business before it even gets off the ground. Agreed: an interesting challenge indeed.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


Wow that’s a tough one! Very hard indeed to find something that graphically represents all they have to offer…

I do have to say that I’d side with @zbrah on this one - the C really reminds me of some cool 90s cartoons, somewhere between the powerpuff girls and Daria :joy: It conveys a somewhat witty and mischievous feel, which I guess is more or less in line with the business itself?

With regards to wether or not this is the right place for this, I’d say anything that has to do with design feedback and inspiration is welcome here. If you do end up designing their site in Webflow, we also have a #show-tell category that would be perfect to share your progress and get feedback :slight_smile:

Btw, may I suggest adding a profile picture? Always nice to know who we’re talking to :wink:

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Thanks for that reply @anais - I feel really welcome.

I would like to add a profile pic, but have looked all over the page to see if I can access my profile to update. Just can’t seem to find my way. Maybe I am missing something obvious? :persevere:

Hi @DMConcepts

Click on your current icon up there on top right

Then the settings cog just beneath it - update preferences

Sorted! I hope!

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Thanks, @StuM - got there in the end. Appreciated.

Hey @DMConcepts, between those two I’d say C as well - D strikes me too much as seeming like a fast-food identity

Whichever you go for I’d try and simplify it a bit as they’re quite both quite complex at the moment for a logo. And font-wise I’d be inclined to purchase a high-quality professional font use, as that can go an awful long way. Something from somewhere like:

Commercial Type
Hoefler & Co
Klim Foundry
Colophon Foundry
Grilli Type
DS Type
Font Bureau
A2 Type
Sharp Type
Mark Simonson

There are loads of good fonts on My Fonts as well, but as they have everything under the sun and the quality varies hugely I think it’d make things easier to limit your options to higher-end quality fonts via some of the independent foundries above

Hope that helps!