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Which Logo do you like better? :) Thank you!

Happy Holidays. May I have your feedback? We intend to re-do our logo. Which do you prefer and why? Thank you!


I like the first one. Not sure why, just personal preference I guess.

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Hi! I really like the first one. It gives me the feeling that there is a human being behind it. The second one could have been better if you had the middle line in E the same width as the top and bottom line. Just my opinion. But I still think the first one is great. You should go for it :)

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Thanks bartekkustra. I have been leaning toward #1, too. I appreciate you taking time to elaborate. Happy holidays.:slight_smile:

2nd one. I’m more into Simplistic beauty but have meaning to it when it comes to LOGO Design.

here’s my input:

The first logo can only be fitted well to an ENERGY PLANT or a POWER PLANT company. or in other case, can be applied to a movie poster motif.


To preface, I’ve been a designer for 10 years and have been designing branding for almost as long so i apologize if my response is too much information.

Number 1 by far. I’d also consider incorporating the split e into design 1. Also, being a perfectionist, i want the diagonal line to line up. I know theres a negative space aspect to that but my vote would be to push the pr closer so it lines up exactly.

I’d also change the small font. It lacks definition and looks very bland and generic. I’d go with Maven Pro/maven light maybe? You want something bolder too because with offset printing, you’ll lose some of the depth and could cut your letters in half.

Also, i hope you’re working in illustrator and not photoshop. It’s the only way to go.

Good luck!

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I like your ideas. I really like that font. Downloaded it. Modern. Clean. Nice. Regarding diagonal line, good point about a perfect line. Something to ponder. Yes, not crazy about the small font for services. Logo #2 E could be incorporated into Logo#1. Hmn…Thanks again.

Great point joeyocaro. Simplicity is ideal nowadays when it comes to logos - agreed. It is true that the power line works great for an energy plant - LOL. I am in a conundrum now. Thank you much. :smile:

@sarah no worries. You can do it. I’m pretty sure you got skills and can surely play around with it. Just bear in mind you put one’s or your company’s ‘image’ into 1 logo.

Here’s what I was working 2 years ago, similar to your industry =)

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Like that logo you shared.

Of course, yes indeed @joeyocaro No question about it. :smile: Thanks much for the feedback. Enjoy hearing from like-minded creative individuals to help make the right decision.

Hey, I like this forum a lot. ~ Sarah

@joeyocaro I am now kind of leaning toward logo 2 with tweaks. The power plant comment kind of stood out. Then again, the power line in Logo #1 does emphasize powerful marketing. Hmn. Sometimes it’s just best to sleep on it and think about it again tomorrow. More feedback is always appreciated. :smile:

Reworked logo. Any thoughts?


Could you post also the one with E middle line same width?

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The p now looks too close to the N. A couple nudges and it should be good. I’d also center the e middle line vertically between the top and bottom. And use the same red for all the red parts, ditch the gradient. Generally, I always design monochrome logos. Simple black or white because thats how they will generally be represented on documents and they need to look good that way.

I’d also make the maven font bolder and scale it so that it perfectly fits the width of the logo itself. To do this, you may need to outline the font to get the true edges since illustrator adds padding to text. Also, it is too close to the bottom of the slash.


I liked the first one better. The second one make me confused with colors. Some red some black. The first one have different colors on different “words” that makes more sense to me. You posted reworks and I don’t like that the red color is mixed in logo. Or am I missing something, have “E” and “N” something in common? Agree with that you should use the “slice” in the design :slight_smile:

[LOGO Color]
its fine if you keep that pointed element there but if I am to design this, I’d stick to letter E as the ONLY red color in there since you already made an ‘emphasis’ to your PR with that pointed element(I understand your goal as to express the PR as well) - Good thinking.

If you have this logo for your website. IMO, I’d left align that tagline of yours. But that’s just me =)

[Tagline Fontface]
It’s looks great

First definatly - nice and easy to read + professional

I really enjoyed the first one!

The problem with those types of logos …(if I can say) is that the small writing becomes unreadable very quickly. Specially if you put it on a t-shirt / printed letter head and so on.

Aside from that, the 1st one seems to be more engaging looking.