iMac vs. Macbook for Webflow?

Hello all!

I will be buying a Mac product soon because my Chromebook with 2 GB of Ram is beginning to slow down. The only problem is, I can’t decide if I want to get the 27" iMac or the 15" Macbook. The versions I are considered are directly from Apple and they are the same price. If I get the 27" iMac, I fear that I will try to fill in the empty spaces when creating new designs because of the large screen and then I’ll get down to a laptop and it looks very cluttered.

Will this happen or is there a way to make the browser size the size of a laptop screen?

I would go for a MacBook and buy a second 27" monitor. That way you’ll have mobility and the choice to work on a large screen which is nice.

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Thanks! The only problem is I already bought RAM to save money so I guess that might have to go back. I was always leaning a bit more to the laptop anyway. Plugged up, won’t it look the same as an iMac?

Sort of… sort of an expensive iMac :slight_smile: Because “any” 27 inches screen isn’t an iMac or Apple screen (is rarely on par with the quality, I mean). Also an iMac can be retina (5K) when the Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display screen is only 2,5K.

It depends what you do. Something you’ll never ever get with a MacBook is 32 Go of RAM. Which if you do photography and film, or rendered animation, is a never to be regret investment. It makes the machine more sustainable, or at least it makes it very easy to sell after 2 years or so.

If you go the MacBook way, one thing super cool to get to go with is an LG ultra wide 21:9 screen. It’s good, cheap (600-800), and you’ve got this feeling you’re working in a Star Trek ship. That, an iMac doesn’t do :slight_smile:

Yep, kind of wiiiiide


Thanks @vincent for the read :smiley:

The screen quality sort of matters to me, it’s just that I want my designs to look good even when I go down to laptops. Also, my family has 3 good laptops at the house, so I wanted to stand out a little haha.

I might just go with the 27" iMac because it still has decent portability (I’ll keep the box around) because it is an all-in-one.

As of today, on all machines, gadgets and all that stuff, I think the iMac is still the best hardware I ever gotten myself. It blew me away the first time I unboxed one. Superb design, one cable to plug and you’ve got a fully functional computer. One cable. I own two of the 2,5k screens one (one thick and one superfine), both with 32go of ram (costed me 200EUR and 250EUR for the ram). The old one at the house, mounted on a wall with a VESA adapter so it doesn’t take any room on the desk, looks a bit like magic. I had a shop replaced the optical drive by a big SSD (I tried to do it myself but it’s classified as "hard "on iFixit so I failed halfway :smiley:
The screens are unbeatable. People by expensive screens all the time, yet when they pass by your iMac, they’re like “dammit, it looks good”. They’ll constantly say they couldn’t work on a reflective screen and it had never bothered me once.

Love this machine. That’s true you can quite easily move it from a place to another with the box but it’s not made for that let’s be honest. Big and heavy.

But man, how cool is it. Way more comfortable than a laptop to work with. If you’re listening to music at a low volume, the sound is neat.

That thing with getting it 32go of ram : do it. Don’t buy the ram at Apple unless you don’t care about money at all. :slight_smile:

Haha that cracked me up. I purchased 16 GB of RAM for $83 from Kingston. It saved me $200 :smiley:. Thanks for helping out @vincent and @jorn!

From work i have a mbpr 13". For now i have 2 24" monitors at my desk. If I work from home I use my 27" iMac as a monitor. Works really well. Love both machines. But being able to just grab the MacBook and crash in the sofa or sit in the kitchen is nice. You’ll proprably be more than happy with either :smile:

Good luck.

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That is friggin’ awesome! :hushed:

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I was asking for a new monitor at work because the two 24"s are not suitable for graphic work in my opinion, and I’m not super picky =). I think I might be able to upgrade and thanks to this I have ask for little more money :grinning:

I kept one 24 and use it vertical close to the 27" iMac :slight_smile: Super handy and kind of a compact setup


I had an iMac and I went to a mac mini and 27 inch cinema display, then needed more power so built a hackintosh. Now I am thinking about upgrading my cinema display to a dell ultra wide 34 inch curved monitor. They are cheaper, and larger with a similar panel as the apple displays but with a lot more options for color correction. I absolutely hate trying to calibrate the cinema display. I’d recommend going macbook plus a big ultra wide monitor by dell, they have the best color accuracy based on the price. Though if you are going to go that route with the monitor and not getting a quad core macbook, get a loaded mac mini and save some money.

Also always buy everything refurbished from apple. It is brand new just might use a few parts that aren’t. I haven’t bought a new apple product in years and they all come exactly the same as factory, sometimes better because they have fixed any issues that may have happened already. is awesome for alerts on specific builds.

Thanks for your insight, I’ll check out the website!

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