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Initial Google Pixelbook usage

The screen wobbles A LOT. This was the first thing I noticed.

The backlit keyboard… aren’t very bright… in fact - if you have the screen brightness up high… it tends to over shadow the keys. What I mean is… you cannot see the back lit keys in a semi-lit room with the screen brightness turned up.

The backlit keys are also not evenly lit. You can see this in pitch black room.

I like the keyboard. It has a good feel. Key traffic is “ok”. Would like a little more key travel… but they are ok.

The palm rest are “soft”. They feel nice… but I’m concerned about potential sweat / dirt from the palms collecting on the palm rest.

The bezels are huge. Screen size is the same as the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro… but the device is slightly larger - and the larger space is occupied by the bezels. For me - not a huge issue - but it’s noticeable.

There is no way to store the pen. It’s not magnetic. It’s also a cylinder shape - so when you place it on a slightly angled surface - it literally rolls away.

The pen should be included at no additional cost. It’s irritating that the pen costs $100 extra.

Pressure sensitively on the pen is not that great. You have to press somewhat hard (on the screen) to get the pen to respond. The (Microsoft) Surface Pro on the other hand… activates when the pen is near the screen - which I like.

Even though I like ChromeOS… I came across a Asus 13.3" i7 16GB HD (Windows)laptop. Might return the Pixel and get the ASUS instead. But still playing with the Pixelbook.


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