Where to buy a cheap domain?

Hey, Please help!

I have just tried to buy a domain through web flow for a client but apparently it is $13k - which isn’t right. Where else can I buy a domain that isnt that expensive|?


A few general guidelines;

  • Domains are in the range of < $20/year for .COM’s, more expensive for some other TLD’s like .IO, .AI, and so on. Choose your TLD first, depending on your market.
  • Some domains are premium, e.g. short names or popular words, and these cost far more even when purchased through the registrar
  • Many domains are purchased, held, and resold through auctions, these are also expensive but in registrars they generally appear as unavailable. Some registrars are getting smarter and are showing them as available via resale/auction.
  • Watch out for 2nd and 3rd year price hikes on some TLD’s. First year might be $3 but second year, $200.
  • Registrars have different prices, but they generally don’t range more than 50% variance. That’s generally the least important factor in pricing.