Where is support?

Anyone experiencing a lack of comms from support?

I have been waiting for a response for over a week now and am feeling extremely peeved, mostly because nobody can purchase through my new ecomm store and secondly because there is absolutely nothing I can do except wait for a response through this single support channel.

Wondering is there a wider issue going on because a week is surely outside of what’s an acceptable timeframe?

Did you contact them correctly through the support page?
Make sure you received a confirmation email that your request is in the queue.

Replies rarely take over 48h for me.

Twice through the designer and once through the support page, have seemingly always had a response within a day or two previously.

I’d suggest you try a different category- I think the new system routes support messages to different groups, and some are more overwhelmed than others, which means less responsive? I have a few bugs in which other than the initial request for more information, I haven’t heard back on.

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