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Need help with issue - unable to receive Webflow reply

How can i get a response of the webflow team if they don’t respond to emails?

Hi @Grant1

Webflow customer service is available from 6am to 6pm PT, Monday through Friday, as mentioned here:

Perhaps you can get the help you need here, on the forum?

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I think Webflow’s support has always been top notch but with the addition of e-commerce it’s going to need to expand so that their is a chat service available during normal hours and weekend response. So that if there is a major issue with a store then service is available. Or there needs to be some way to expedite a store issue.

Im still waiting for a reply with help regarding an issue with “Search” since Tuesday.

I was getting help from a team member called Dave but he seemed not to reply. I have resent my response and asked for a reply but no joy.

If the Webflow team doesn’t reply is my only option the forum?

Hi @Grant1, thanks for your post, I am sorry to hear that you did not receive the reply I sent, I took a look and I sent that about 10 minutes from the time you contacted support.

It does not look like we received a reply, however I am here to help.

Could you please let me know what search term that is not resulting in any results/trouble linking to posts? A Screenshot of the element you are applying the link setting and the url you are trying to link to would help.

Thanks in advance

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