Where did Custom Code go?

Hi all. Is there any way to add custom code to a website you’re designing without purchasing a site plan? Last time I built in webflow (last year), I could have sworn I didn’t have to buy a plan up front… Is this part of Webflow’s new pricing update? If so, gosh that’s annoying…

Hey there Ali,

I have only been using Webflow for a few months, so I can’t speak on whether this capability was available last year or not. But unfortunately, you do have to have at least a basic site plan to import custom code at this time. Potentially something the support and pricing team will consider changing in the future!

Hope this was helpful.

Landon Goodwill

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Yes you can build any site with custom code, without having to buy a hosting plan for it.

However your Workspace plan must be CORE or above… the free STARTER plan does not support custom code.