Custom code option not available in page settings

I was using custom code from the page settings until today without any issues. I just removed all the custom code while testing my website and when I came back to the page settings to add it again, the text boxes for custom code were not present. It says that I need a paid hosting plan to add custom code. Why did this happen all of a sudden and how can I add custom code now

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Pulkit portfolio

As I understand it, you must have a paid workspace plan of Core or above in order to use custom code, but you do not need a paid site plan in order to custom code.

My guess would be that you built the site, then migrated to a free Starter Workspace?

@memetican thank you very much for clarifying my doubt. I just realized I created the website in a different account with a workspace plan and then transferred to my personal account which did not have any paid subscription.

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