When to use paragraph or text block


What is the difference between using a text block or a pragraph in a website? I can’t find any… anyone please adivse

Thanx Oliver

I did find this out last week, can’t remember where.
But paragraph is for content and text block is for stuff not relevant to your content.
Confused, yes I was to but the example is text block would be used for terms and conditions, copywrite etc.
Paragraph used for product description etc.
My understanding also is that paragraph will be scanned for seo and accessibility readers.
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Thanks, makes sense!

A text block is inline text and a paragraph is a block level element. Both are for content.

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This is where I found it.

Thanks for the link. I should have said "Webflow’s Text Block Element is just a DIV with text whereas a Paragraph element uses the Paragraph tag. Paragraph tags typically have browser defaults for styling which help readers and screen readers navigate content. DIV’s with text are suitable for blocks of content that stand apart from the main content. If you added a class to a text block to format it like a paragraph the only difference would be semantics and an impact on accessibility. "

I appreciate the correction. I work with many different platforms and confused another builders element with Webflow’s. A reason why I really do prefer to hand code!

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