How to style paragraphs in a text block? or, have to use rich text?

been using web flow for months, and still find the simplest things infuriating.

why doesn’t “All Paragraphs” apply to other elements, like, uh… “Paragraph?” how do I get it to? or, if there’s every anything more than 1 paragraph, do I have to use rich text?

is there a manual somewhere that explains this? oh yeah, no. seriously, though, what’s best practice? do I have to know in advance that my client might change a single block of text into two in the future? or, do you use rich text always whenever you have any kind of copy, presuming that might happen?

Hey there,

First, All Paragraphs affect Paragraphs, i’m not sure if i understand your issue.

Let’s say you have two paragraph.
One with a class “style”, another one with no class.

Now you want to add a color on the Style class paragraphe like blue.

But your client wants all paragraphs red and bold.
So you go to the paragraph without class and you go to “All paragraph”

Oops something went wrong. It didn’t applied the color to all paragraphs. Why ? Because you already styled one with the color blue. If you remove the style on the styled class, red will now apply.

It’s because css in general and so webflow prioritise the style on classed element.

Another way to style text is simply to add a class on your body and define your font size, color and stuff. It’s probably the best way because it will keep those style on all your elements.

Keep in mind that if you still have custom styles on classes, the values wont be inherited form the parent.

Inherited values are orange in webflow, while custom are blue.

About Rich text, you should definitely use them when you have more than one paragraph, and mostly when your client use cms.

To style rich text you should take a look at that

Hope it will help

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thanks! maybe I didn’t phrase my question well. I had a “text” element, with a full carriage return within the text. because of that carriage return, I expected each part to then be styled by the “All Paragraphs” class. but, they weren’t. so, it was quite puzzling to say the least.

I ended up just using a rich text block instead.

Hi @rps, take a peek at my video:


Okay, I’m starting to get it I think. Previously, I had a “Text Block” element, with a return inside of it. I wanted to change the space between “paragraphs” within this Text Block element, but couldn’t. Thus, was confused. I see now there is a “Paragraph” element that’s separate from “Text Block” (maybe it’s new? maybe I was blind before?).

So, that said, “Text Block” elements are only for single lines? or? What’s the use case difference between Paragraph and Text Block elements?