How to change Text Block to Paragraph easily?

I didn’t realise that Text Block is actually using

as opposed to my desired

tag. I only realised it when I was Viewing page source.

Now I needed to change them all one by one by dragging in Paragraph into the , copy the content within the Text Block and paste it into the Paragraph and retype the classes one by one.

I only realised this after I’ve 20 pages done. :frowning:
What can I do? Because I intend to change all of them!

Is there a straight forward solution for me to handle this?

On why is it important to me?
Semantic tags are very important because that is how Google bots make sense of our articles. A text block with

compared to a paragraph with

holds very different meaning. With

, the Google bots will know that this is an important element which is a part of the entire article. With

, this is a less important element which is possibly not a part of the article.

@Audrey_Ling - It would be really helpful if you could share a read-only link to your project, and let us know exactly where this is an issue. I would be happy to take a look for you.

Hey. I’ve manually changed quite a number of pages’ Text box. but here’s the link.

You can check out the product pages, I have yet to change everything.

What I realised is when I use “text box”, the HTML generated is <div>. When I use “paragraph”, the HTML generated is <p>.

Right now I’m literally copying the content in the “text box”, drag and drop a “paragraph” and pasting the content into the paragraph, then delete the “text box”. :sob: