What is the diference between 2div blocks, one with lines and one without


I am new to Webflow. And I am trying to learn it, so I can manage the companies website. I am trying to create a space between several rich text blocks and a text block. However, when I move them, 2 rich text block behave differently from the rest. And I can only spot a reason why. These 2 rich text block are called the same as the rest but the figures of the blocks are different.

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Looking at Div Block 9

hi @ARTIFICIALHUMORS you can visit Webflow University to learn about this platform. Here is course related to your question

Follow Stan advice as you are new but I have added elements to show the icons.
Appears its a section but with a class name copied from a div block called Div Block 9
For basics, sections are first elements and divs come after. Only 1 section in a tree.

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The div with 2 lines is a section element. In webflow a section element is just a normal div with a set max-width you can use div-blocks and sections interchangeably.

I almost never use the section component anymore. A normal div works just fine.

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