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Paragraph Blocks and entering text

Maybe this doesn’t really matter but the way I understand it paragraphs should ideally be separated by <p> as opposed to using <br> or <br /> hower when entering in paragraph blocks a return creates a <br> so you have to use multiple paragraph blocks (sometimes that’s fine especially if formatting differently but not usually). Is there a way to get that changed?

This is a thing that could be improved in Webflow, as if you want to do things correctly, every paragraph needs a block. That’s not easy to create, edit and maintain.

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Hi @jdesign, we are working on some improved methods in this area. For the moment, I would reccommend to use single paragraphs in each paragraph block. Cheers, Dave

Any word on this? Webflow is fine but having to choose a paragraph item for every text block is cumbersome. I didn’t realize that you weren’t supposed to hit returns with them because now all my sites are littered with br tags. Also, I feel like this an area that is perplexing. Not all sites are portfolios. The written word is how most businesses convey what they offer. So as it stands, this is a glaring oversight. Please address this soon :frowning:

HI @fuzendesign, I can completely understand and you are right, when dealing with large amounts of textual information, having a rich text editor is easier than having to use a bunch of Paragraph elements.

We are currently working on text editor improvements. I do not have the release date to announce, but it will be worth the wait !