No updates or added features in a long time

You guys made that Wishlist and there’s so many extremely important things missing from Webflow that don’t seem overly complicated and we are not getting any of them. Will there be another update anytime soon? There hasn’t been any changes in a minute.

it’s saturday

next update I’m sure will be flux capacitor

scheduled for in a year… ago

or 1.21 gigabit of CDN space

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Ah the good old flux capacitor! I was just building one and accidently put my neighbors house on fire… shhh.

I was just thinking the same thing! Where’s our stuff? :wink:

I’m more concerned with July being around the corner. Where is the scaled pricing model?

Also, please can you guys set up a Trello Roadmap + ETAs. The platform is fantastic but we do actually need to know of important upcoming updates before committing to a third party solution.

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We are still waiting for core features such as user management and ecommerce.

Webflow is close to being something that could change the entire game and flip a big part of the development industry on it’s head. Perhaps someone threatened them if they give us more features. :smile:

Haha yes, Right now its this really solid and good Product, but if you Guys would implement some basic feautures like ecommerce, User management, more direct access to code, interactions 2.0 etc, it could really become a Gamechanger!

Seriously Guys, while Webflow is awesome already, it has some huge untapped Potential.
I’d love to see you guys literally disrupt and change the way the Web is build!

But it would also be sweet to get a little more involvement as a User. You know, tell us a bit what you’re working on, where you want to go, whats coming next etc :wink:


They already have some companies and a few designers and developers I know poopin in their pants. Out of the box NOW, Webflow eliminates the need to hire for a few stages of any type of web development project. There are however, KEY features they need to drop into this bad boy NOW before another company or group of smart techie kids in San Fran or Dumbo Brooklyn decide to fill the voids and develop a competitor product.

One huge setback is not being able to create an environment people can log into. Even with “custom code” and 3rd party implementation it’s a far cry from what it needs to be.

The sheer fact that they give you this amazing CMS and limit you from using it to it’s full potential (with a cost of course, nothing great in life is or should be free - everyone deserves to be paid for their amazingness I would pay a G a month if it was worth it) and don’t even allow you to transfer your data out of Webflow to use it elsewhere leaves a dry taste on the tongue. I mean come on, a csv export or something? Is it the ice age?

Once you get this close to what these guys have here you really can’t take too much time to sit on your hands with a world full of starving mo fo’s out there ready to improve on your ideas every day and make them their own.

They need to pop a patch out soon with some of these obvious standards in place so we can completely make the web with this thing. Bubble and Wix can hit the unemployment line :joy:

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