When a user types in one url it redirects to a different one

Hello. Might be a silly question and probably is. I’m not technical and slowly getting to grips with webflow.

The company I work for has a live website… www.buytauranga.co.nz/
They are running an advert at the weekend where the URL is listed as - www.buydowntowntauranga.co.nz but when the user types that in they want it to redirect to the buytauranga.co.nz url… Not to sure why, but how do I set that up within webflow.

I’m hoping it’s a simple solution.

I am not by any means a DNS expert and I am trying to resolve my own setup at the moment but if I have understood the process correctly, you have to add all the domains on Webflow, update their DNS settings, and set the one that you want all other domains to redirect to as the Default domain via the hosting tab in the Webflow dashboard.

For each domain you would have to add the following DNS settings:

DNS Settings

Option 1: Using WWW as the Default Domain

  1. Point the A Records to the IP addresses found on the SSL instruction page
  2. Point the www domain via CNAME record to proxy-ssl.webfow.com
  3. Set the www domain as the default domain
  4. Republish

Option 2: Using the Root Domain as the Default Domain, and with SSL Enabled

  1. Point the Root domain via CNAME record to proxy-ssl.webfow.com
  2. Point the www domain via CNAME record to proxy-ssl.webfow.com
  3. Set the root domain as the default domain
  4. Republish

For the domain that will redirect both its root domain and its www subdomain to the other default domain you have set, I am not sure which of the above DNS settings should be applied, whether it makes any difference to use either/or since they will both be redirected, or whether it would require other DNS settings altogether.

It would be great to get a clarification from Webflow staff on this and get this info updated on the university so that the matter of redirecting multiple domains becomes clearer.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much Mike. I’ll give it a shot - really appreciate your time to explain and I hope you get the answers you need as well