301 redirects from webflow

I am struggling to get a redirect working. I suspect the problem is that I am trying to redirect to a URL not hosted by webflow. The current site is https://www.kohaiti.co.nz and I want it to be redirected to www.kohaiti.nz. When I try and do a redirect in the project settings and publish it, nothing happens.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - KohaIti)

Hi Hamish, I can’t think of a scenario where you’d want to do that.
If you’re trying to redirect kohaiti.co.nz → kohaiti.nz, you’d generally want to do that in one of two ways;

  1. Setup the redirect at your domain registrary or DNS provider, if they support URL redirects
  2. Assign both domains to the new site, wherever it’s hosted, and have it answer to both of them.

The approach you’re trying to pursue would leave you paying for webflow hosting indefinitely for a site that isn’t actually accessible.

But if there were a good reason to do that, you need to fix your redirects.
Currently, you are trying to redirect /kohaiti.co.nz which is a subdirectory. You’re also redirecting it to a subdirectory named kohaiti.nz.

If you want to redirect a domain name, you actually need to specify the domain name, e.g. https://kohaiti.co.nz.

In your case [again, not really advisable, but…] you’re trying to redirect your homepage URL to an external URL, so you’d redirect;

/ → https://kohaiti.nz

Or, if you’re trying to redirect subpaths as well, you could use wildcard redirects, something like
(.*) → https://kohaiti.nz%1

You’d have to read the docs to work out exactly the right syntax for that.

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Thanks, Michael, I really appreciate your feedback, just having a bit of :man_facepalming: moment.

Hahaha, been there too many times, myself.
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