One Webflow Site, under two seperate domains?

Hey there!

A client of mine is hoping to have one website appear under two domains without being redirected to the “primary domain”.

Does anyone know if this is possible with Webflow? Or do we need some DNS trickery to make this work?

I know that duplicate sites is a bad idea for Google but they are insistent on it so I’m looking at options!

They essentially want and to both link to the same Webflow site. Without having a default domain. So an Australian user would stay on the version and a Kiwi user would stay on the domain.

Any help with this is much appreciated! Or if it would be too much of a Google SEO killer, then something to back that up with my client would also be amazing aha.


You can just avoid setting a default domain however;

  • Webflow doesn’t always handle this well- too many redirects etc.
  • You’ll want CNAME flattening so that people who try to hit ( as opposed to ) don’t get errors
  • One of your sitemaps will be wrong, confusing SEO. Maybe canonicals as well.

Another way is reverse proxy, which is my preferred approach.
This way, the sitemap, etc. can be fixed for your mirror domain.

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