Pasting/formatting text is time consuming

Hi, I need to paste some text containing different levels of headings. Is there any easy way to do this, or do I have to paste the unformatted text into a container, insert heading and text cointainers and copy–paste chunks into the heading- and text-containers?

This is very time consuming, and I really wish there was an easier way of doing this. It would’ve been so much easier of you could paste the text and just select a line and go: This is h1, this is a paragraph, this is h2, etc.

Edit: This also applies to lists. Why not make it possible to select some lines of text and convert it to a list?


Hey @Briggs I know your frustration. I’ve run into this myself when copying large bodies of text like for a blog post which contains many headings, paragraphs and lists.

We have plans to improve the text formatting workflow. Thanks for your patience!

Hey @thesergie @Briggs - this is absolutely a real pain, particularly if using Webflow for blogging. It’s made worse by the lack of user permissions, so if you have a team of people creating blogs, some webflow-savvy person has to copy, paste and reformat everything the team creates.

Looking forward to developments here. Is this something the CMS is likely to solve?


This might not be a sufficient solution for all, but I’ve found a workaround that kinda works. Use the insert embedded code button and paste the html-formatted text there. It’s not very flexible, but at least you won’t have to do the painflul job of inserting heading, text and list containers.

Hi there

Has there been any progress in formatting large blocks of text?

I am creating a special feature webpage for a newspaper article and need to be able to simply paste the complete text. It obviously has many paragraphs. It would be incredibly time consuming to have to cut each paragraph into a separate Paragraph element.

It seems when creating Webflow you haven’t considered people would be creating web pages with lots of text.

At the moment it looks like I will need to use the insert embedded code function with formatted text.

Any help is much appreciated!


Yeah it’s a big pain point that we’ve been wanting to solve. We’re currently working on a Rich Text element for you guys that will be available early next year. So i’m sorry to say that you’ll have to wait a little longer, but a solution is around the corner. Thanks for your patience. :smiley:

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Just wondered if there has been any development on this.

Still very time consuming just cutting and pasting large blocks of text from say a Word doc to the website. If anyone has a blog, for instance, and I’m assuming that’s quite a few people, it must be painful experience!


Yeah we’re working on a solution now. :slight_smile:


Alas, I guess I’m re-activating the question. (Mostly, alas it looks like I have a long copy/paste session coming up!)

I also want to chime in that a rich text editor is a basic and much needed feature, especially for a product that caters to designers (and this product is showing huge potential). I often have clients that do writeups or posts in word or whatever they’re using with all sorts of formatting. I can’t be bogged down with excessive and time consuming work on reapplying all the formatting when other programs allow a simple cut and past.

I’m new to webflow, still learning, and was planning to switch… but this is a deal killer if a solution is not close. I hope that somebody replies that I just missed the solution on accident.

Thanks for your time.

They’ve added a Rich Text element, so this is no longer an issue :slight_smile:

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Tried to edit my original post to inform about the new features, but apparently that’s not possible. Bummer.

I don’t seem able to find it. Is there a tutorial that explains how to paste a word document with its formatting intact?

Or… sometimes I need to be able to just “bold” on one random word (or similar formatting task) and I just want to be able to hit the bold button…

There has to be a simple way to do this. I hope. So far, I’m loving everything else.

Help is greatly appreciated.

I am finding more abilities that is making this process more tolerable, but I still would appreciate more help solving rich text importing from word.

…but pasting a word document is still a pain especially if:

  1. I already have a list in the word document. Every carriage return creates a new box.
  2. while bold and italic is maintained… color, font, and sizes are not.
    2a) Even if I’m not using a web safe font, I might be planning to use a font service so I should be able to use it now in my conceptual stage that is only for my computer.
  3. I already have indentions, etc. They just do not translate well.

Again, I want to say my initial feel is webflow is great… it is an amazing product but I’m not feeling that this was created for somebody that is only a designer.

So far, I haven’t given up on webflow. The potential seems very high. I can only imagine what it’ll be like in the future.

I wouldn’t try to paste a Word document directly. Better to convert it to html with or similar (there’s a lot of tools out there). If possible, I advice you to avoid Word, and use markdown instead. For instance Typora is awesome for copying and pasting rich text. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried pasting Word content to Webflow, but I have extensive experience with copying and pasting Word to other applications, and it doesn’t bring back warm memories.

I appreciate the help.

Clients will always send me the copy in Word, often pages of stuff with formatting “of the day” so there is no standard formatting rules. They just dump it on me. They, mostly, do not know another editor other than Word.

Webflow, while very cool, still requires you to know coding (and some advance thinking). Having that ability to code is very cool but I need the “designer only” tools. I’m by far not the coding guy. I usually hand stuff off to a coder but I’m trying to expand my abilities but this is a huge jump for my current but super simple project. Using another application or other workflows, I would’ve been done in a day or two. I’ve been testing for a week and I feel “more stupider” than when I started. :slight_smile:

Its not just the Word import roadblock, but a few other issues I’ve been having… I feel I hit the wall.

I’m not giving up on Webflow, I feel its going to grow into something very cool, but for now I need to tackle my projects another way.

Hey @Insomnia have you tried pasting in the copy as plain text into a “Rich Text Element”? (Ctrl + Shift + V on windows, Cmd + Option + Shift + V on Mac)

Then you can just highlight the words, and select if they’re an H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 or block quote, link etc. and the formatting will be applied.

Here’s a little tutorial on using the Rich Text Element:

Please let me know if you have any questions, we’re here to help :smiley:


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Thanks Waldo but I did try that.

I have a couple of clients that send me documents in Word with tons of odd formatting applied randomly. Like a single word here would be red, later something bold, etc…

Unfortunately with webflow, I would be spending a large chunk of my time redoing all the formatting. If I stick with other things, I can just copy and paste it which is big for me.

However, I really like webflow and in the future, when this feature is available, I’ll switch.

I’m not really jumping ship for this one issue but this one is a doozy for me.