Pasting lists from another source

I’m in the early stages of evaluating Webflow. I’ve watched some videos, but still feel like something isn’t right.

I have a list of links that I’m trying to copy and paste from another source (Google doc, html files, etc.) and it seems that if I want to have them either as their own list item or paragraph, that I have to copy them one at a time. Is that correct?

Wish I could help, I have the same question. I’ve “pasted” a few lists from other sources, manually cutting/pasting each line into the Webflow List Item elements, figuring I needed to eventually learn how to paste a list in the “right” way.

Turns out… there is no right way — this does appear to be the only way of getting a list from another source into Webflow. Amazing. Even with my current need I’m going to have to repeat that step ~30 times. It is patently ridiculous that they don’t interpret the pasting of an RTF list onto a List element as needing to create individual List Items for every line. :expressionless:

It sounds like you want to use the rich text element rather than the list element. You can paste HTML bulleted lists directly into an RTE.

Thanks, @memetican, overall you’re right, and I discovered the difference between the two after posting the above (sorry, forgot to come back and edit). That said, there are still going to be instances where a designer/developer wants to paste a list from another source into a standard UL/LI and have it auto-populate the LIs rather than copy/paste every single one. So I stand by my request, if perhaps a bit less vehemently. :slight_smile:

You could post it on Webflow’s wishlist.
But personally I don’t think it would get much attention.

If you look at how the devs have constructed the list element, its purpose is to allow you to create and manage each of the individual parts in the designer. It has an entirely different set of use cases.

So it’s good for building a big STEP 1 / STEP 2 / STEP 3 list, but will never fit the bill for quick-paste content creation. However the RTE is ideal for that.