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Whats the best option for me?

I’m a media designer and i want my own Website (kind of a portfolio). I design Logos, ads online and offline. I dont do websites. I already bought a host from bluehost (3 years). I really like webflow, this is exactly what i wanted the whole time. I really dislike wordpress i cant use it.

Now i don’t know what to do here. Buy account plan or site plan and which one? Can anyone help there? :slight_smile:

Hi CooS,

First, Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow community. You’ll find the community very friendly and helpful, you’ve definitely made a good decision to use Webflow and reach out.

There are a couple of options for you, and it always depends on your specific case.

Often there is some confusion between account plans and hosting plans.

1st the Account Plans.

These plans enable you to create websites with multiple pages, use the CMS with a larger number of items, and also allow you to export your code to enable you to host your website (created using Webflow) to a Host of your choice (in your case Bluehost).

Remember that hosting your own website will require some knowledge on the technical side for hosting.

An account plan also allows you to create multiple ‘Projects’ (Websites, either published or not). If you host your website with Webflow, that particular Project’ (Website) does not count toward the quota limit within your account plan.

2nd the Site Plans. (Formerly Hosting Plans)
Site plans enable ‘Hosting’ the website.

Hosting with Webflow is fast and convenient, especially if technical knowledge is not a strong point.

Another option - Webflow offers a free plan.
The Free Plan allows you to create a simple 2 page website (fully functional as per a paid account plan), with some limitations (namely pages and CMS items). You cannot export your code from a Free Plan. The Free Plan limits you to 2 Projects. However, if you Host with Webflow, that Project does not count toward the quota limit.

What to do?
You need to decide if you want to host with Webflow or elsewhere (Bluehost).
If Bluehost, then you need a paid plan (Lite would be sufficient)

If a simple website, use the free plan and host with Webflow. (This is the much ‘easier’ option, but does cost a bit more.)

Hope that helps