Which payment option [For Webflow - Learning Purposes]

Originally have send a mail to Webflow, but will just ask here instead. Lets say I want to practice with Webflow and so on, which payment plan should I be looking at?

From what I am seeing there Lite, but there is also the others which allows for even greater amount of pages or projects. So in scenario like this which option is best suited?


The Free one!

You’ll be only limited by:

  • No code export
  • No white labeling
  • No site password protection

Which isn’t necessary, at all, to learn Webflow.

The number of pages isn’t a limitation of the plan but the hosting. You can develop 2 great pages for free, on 2 sites, on the free plan, then decide to host one of the site, for example with the basic hosting ($12/mo). Suddenly, you get 100 pages for this site, and you still don’t need to pay for a plan. You can do that indefinitely.

Now, with the Lite plan, you’ll get the enhanced free hosting, with 100 pages per sites.

So start designing now, make the best out of your 2 x 2 free pages on your 2 free sites. When you’re decided, either pay for the Lite plan to get more into development, or host one or more sites to make them bigger.

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Great! Thanks for the quick answer, vincent. Really appreciate it. That definitely clarified the thoughts that was lingering in my head.

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Pleasure is mine Brian.

Don’t miss the Enhanced aspect of free hosting, and the full table comparison for hosting.

The new pricing is quite cool, it’s simple and I think what they tried to do is allow you to start and develop without constraints. You only start to need to pay when you pass the hobby stage or need a site to go in production.

The concept of staging is really a development thing, I think it’s good wording. Staging gets a very limited visits rate (1K monthly visits) a limited amount of CMS items, and a limited access to the CMS API. They’re not enough to pass a site to production but they’re enough to develop a CMS site and even advanced CMS features that depend on the API.

I find this entry level quite generous.

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I feel a bit perplexed by the pricing, like I notice there are some limitations such as, how many peoples can visit your websites per say, however when I look at hosting services such hostgator or bluehost from what I seen, there is no limitation to the amount of users that can visit your website, maybe bandwidth limitation.

Am I missing something here? Like lets say if I want to use one website for multiple experiments, then I wouldn’t be able to do so because there is a limitation to how many users can visit the website right? Like is the limitation on the static pages or what?

Like maybe if I started a project about popular colors or collecting my own inspirational minimal things etc. (throwing ideas out there), I wouldn’t be able to do much with Basic hosting per say, or am I missing something here.

Like what exactly/benefit there is for hosting on webflow vs hosting on other cloud hosting sites etc.So you could say, right now without a hosting plan there is no point of me having

Because there is a limitation to how many visitors can visit the site, or is that specifically only for custom domain websites?

https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans see “hosting”

I was expecting a more detailed explanation of why choose Webflow Hosting vs an Off-side hosting, and not “Hey read this link”…

But thanks I guess will just wait for the Webflow team to come back and ask them directly then. I have to remind myself that this is an open forum, and not the Webflow creators them self, not trying to be rude, but it seems I was expecting too much when it comes to having a more concise explanation.

Because I don’t know, that’s one way to show that “Community Experts” are just there for directing, and one would expect instead that the Community Experts also know what Webflow is, and could immediately give answers on most questions. Or am I wrong here? And that’s also one way to throw a customer away…

Was I expecting too much?

I think you were expecting too much.

The Webflow Forum is open for everyone and we [Community Experts] are here to direct you to the provided resources and help you out if it is a complex case, but NOT do everything for you.

As a Community Expert we are not required to do anything since we are investing our own time in helping you and can decide who we would like and not like to help on this Forum.

You must also remember that we get tagged by other users who need help quite often. I won’t even go in to all the DM’s we receive from other users who are asking for our assistance.

Point is, we have many things to do and spend our free time helping other Webflow users who may not be as good as us and to “expect” something from someone who is not getting paid and is spending his free time helping you is quiet insulting.

Then there needs to be a “clear” explanation what “Communtiy Expert” stands for, because as it stands, in my mind, I see “Community Experts” as those whom are part of Webflow team, and not volunteers.

So I shall leave it here. Thanks for everything everyone. Was a pleasure. Bye.

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Hey @BrianHermelijn :slight_smile:

I have been informed that my reply to your post might have seemed rude. Sorry about that!

I did not want to seem rude or unapproachable in anyway and I want to let you know that we are here to help you.

When I read your post I first thought you were complaining about the quality of service from the Community Experts so i just wanted to make it clear that we are helping out voluntarily.

Once again. Sorry if I appeared rude in replying to you. :wink:

Have a great day!


Hi @BrianHermelijn, thanks for the post, the “Community Expert” is a moniker the Webflow team gives to those members of the Webflow community that have proven that they have a good knowledge of Webflow and who have demonstrated through actions that they have free volunteered their time in helping others with Webflow design issues.

Community Experts are not Webflow employees, they are ones who have volunteered to help out of the goodness of their heart and to help make the Web a better place through using Webflow for their own projects and clients. Sorry if there was some misunderstanding there.

Webflow hosting is part of our managed hosting and services platform, where design of the site can be made using our designer UI, with optional hosting in Webflow available.

For the price of the paid hosting, you are also getting use of the designer, which Hostgator or other “hosting only” solutions generally do not provide.

If you can live with shared hosting (in most cases) and the costs to setup and maintain the services that Webflow normally provides with a hosting subscription (i.e. SSL, Forms, Blazing fast CDN Distribution, Zapier integration, CMS, CMS API, storage in secure amazon cloudfront servers and infinite scalability), then of course, you could host on on your own, on any platform you wish.

I think you will find, the cost will be higher if you added all these features on your own, than to just purchase it as part of a hosting subscription in Webflow.

The webflow.io domains are using Webflow Free hosting, which is not intended for production usage, but to enable you to create a site and export, or to later host in Webflow.

If you are on a Lite plan or higher, you can build up to 100 pages per site, on on Free Enhanced hosting, and on the Free plan, the free hosting is limited to 2 pages.

All sites with a hosting subscription (like Basic hosting) get 100 static pages, ability to host a custom domain, up to 25k monthly visitors, ability to use custom code, forms, Zapier integrations, one-click publishing and publish targets features.

The hosting chosen, should be based on what kind of site activity you plan on having. If you plan on having a lot of pages, I would recommend a CMS hosting. If you plan to host without having a lot of dynamic content, i.e. a small site, then the Basic Hosting is a good option. If you plan to export a site an host on your own server, then I would recommend our Lite Plan for $16 per month (if paid annually) which will allow to create up to 10 site projects using free hosting and ability to export the site (to host on another server).

Sites with CMS hosting or Business hosting have even more features and limits as shown in our comparison: http://webflow.com/hosting.

In the end, Webflow will save a lot of time designing, developing and managing sites, and if using our Client Billing feature, it is possible to build a design business and bill your clients directly for hosting subscriptions with your own markup added. I do not believe that Hostgator or Go Daddy have that yet.

I hope this helps, if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.

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Hey @VladimirVitaliyevich

Yeah that is definitely something I did not know about what the title stood for, and appreciate the good will you guys are doing to help the community out. Thank you, to you as well.

It just that I was getting even more frustrated, because I am new to hosting, and the webpage left me with more question marks in my mind, than answering my question from a beginner/average user standpoint.

Hey @cyberdave
I will be saving this post, because it definitely answer my questions, not that the the link https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans @vincent was wrong, it just left me with more questions than answers.

Like there wasn’t a comparison of what a single host server vs webflow hosting servers does as this http://webflow.com/hosting (and I didn’t even saw this one) , which I think needs to be fixed to avoid confusion in the future.

But overall if I have any other questions, I will make sure to send you a PM @cyberdave

Thank you everyone for helping out, really appreciate it. Have a great day, and a new year to you all. :slight_smile: