Questions regarding paid plans

I have a free account and I’m looking to upgrade. Which plan is suitable for freelancing? The account plan, individual plan Lite seems good to start, however you can only make 50 CMS items. Am I’m the only one who thinks this is not much. What if my client wants to have a blog?

Also, what if my client wants to have a webshop. The ecommerce plan is not part of this. If I look at the ecommerce plan it doesn’t say anything about making more projects. How would this work?

Lastly, is e-mail support only for paid users?

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I use the pro plan. I would really recommend it if you are able to afford it. Being limited to 10 projects is really annoying. Especially if you want to experiment and make a lot of different sites

When you are going to build sites for your clients you will have to buy hosting packages for them based on what they want.

I guess you have checked out this page: