What plan is best?

Hello everyone.

I recently started learning how to use Webflow, and it has been an interesting journey.

I’m a UI/UX designer and I’m in the process of creating my portfolio website, but I’m uncertain about which Webflow plan to opt for. The available plans are relatively costly, and I’m struggling to discern the distinctions between them.

Would the basic plan be adequate for a 4-page portfolio (excluding project collection pages)?

Or ignore previous paragraph, and advise me. Will a basic plan suffice for a personal portfolio website?

Yes, basic site plan will be sufficient in your case. However, if you’re using any collections, it will require a cms plan. I would avoid using collections for a personal portfolio site unless you’re trying to manage a more complex set of projects and need searching or sorting. I see so many people buying CMS plans when they don’t really need it. Just maintain the pages individually vs. using a database.

Thanks for your response.

I’ll have no need for CMS or eCommerce but would like have 2, 3, or 4 sites with more than 2 pages and be able to have multiple sites using custom domains.
I now have a Basic Site plan which is limited .
I have some ‘parked’ domains at GoDaddy that I could put to use.
Try as I may I can’t understand the WF plan/pricing structure.

Any help appreciated.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. You need a workspace plan and from your description it sounds like the “Core” workspace will do it. (Note that each site you launch will require an individual site plan)

The Workspace plan is different from a site plan. See screen grabs below, which shows where to click when on the pricing page. Plans & pricing | Webflow