Confused about what plan we need

I’ve read the documentation but am very confused.

At Hostgator we hosted a main website, then had a two other sites as subdomains. They had completely different domain names and functioned as their own unique sites.

I purchased the basic site plan, thinking it would allow us to do the same thing. But it looks like it only allows 2 pages per website. And I am unclear if I can also add those other separate sites to this plan. And don’t understand the difference between a site plan and workspace.

Basically, I’d like to have all three sites on the least expensive plan there is, since Webflow is much more expensive per month.

We only need 1 seat, since I am admin for all three sites. No ecommerce on any of the sites.

Thanks in advance for helping me navigate this. I wish I could just talk to someone over the phone…


You can’t. While WF allows you to add additional custom domains they all would render as default one.

Each site needs its site own plan. There is not a bundle available. Choose the right site plan for each. Whether this makes sense for your client is a different story.

Hi Jeff. Thanks for your reply.

I’m still not sure what plan and/or workspace we should have and what the difference is between the two. I read the sales page, but that made me even more confused. I’m new to web stuff (I’m sure that is crystal clear, since I don’t even understand the plans…)

We paid $144 but I’m not sure what we get for that. It says we have a starter workspace, so do you have to buy a site plan and a workspace plan? I’ll be the only one making any changes to the sites. And we are the clients. These are our personal websites…

Is there a phone number for sales? It would be great to have someone walk me through it step by step and be able to ask questions in real time. I did send support and email. Hopefully they will give me a detailed response.

Add a Site plan for each website you host on Webflow that needs a custom domain or additional site features.

Individuals or freelancers building a single website commonly use a Starter Workspace plan and purchase a Site plan

Agencies or marketing teams building a single website commonly use a Core Workspace plan and purchase a Site plan :

Once you have a workspace plan you still need a site plan for each individual site. Workspace plans are tiered based on how many projects you need in a workspace. Sure gets expensive fast :frowning:

Support should be able to help you and no, there is no direct phone support.

Webflow site plans | Webflow University

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Jeff. Thank you for being so patient with me! That makes it much more clear to me. Sounds as if this platform is not meant for folks like us, who want to host several personal non-money making sites, like my portfolio.

Sigh… I really like what I built in Webflow…
Have a good weekend.

I not only really like the platform, but also the amazing community!

Here’s a thought…
Could I purchase a “core” workspace for $19 a month
Design up to 10 websites (with more than 2 pages each?)

Export to our current host.
If I need to make changes, make them in webflow and export again?
I probably am missing something here. But curious if this is a possibility?
I wish money wasn’t so tight right now.
Thanks again!

This is the right solution. Just export from webflow and upload to your host. You’re paying for a “core workspace” to have the ability of designing websites and your own host for hosting them. Kind of like paying for Photoshop to design files and dropbox for sharing them online.

Thanks for confirming! That’s what i decided to do.

This Webflow video doesn’t seem to say that a Site plan is needed if the site is just being developed. Webflow pricing explained (
Also, a post from a Webflow staff member in Sep. 22 that I came across states that the page limit will be lifted with a Core Workspace plan, but my site is still being limited to two pages.

@OldDog - I think questions regarding Webflow pricing should always reference what is currently available on the official pricing page to avoid confusion. Things can change and posts and videos can become stale. Webflow does maintain the University content so you can also rely on that.