Do I need a Workspace and Site plan?

I have purchased a freelancer plan but now realise that even if I want to connect my domain which is hosted elsewhere I need a site plan too, is that right?

All I need is a basic website that I wanted to move across from wordpress, nothing fancy. The documentation on the Webflow site isn’t clear for those who aren’t web developers. I’m just learning the basics from Youtube.

You can probably reach out to the Webflow team and have them remove the freelancer plan.
If you only need to launch one site you can use the free Workspace and launch the single site using a basic hosting plan.

Appreciate that, for my small brain, what is the point of the workspace plan? Seems like it’s if you want multiple websites and that’s pretty much the only difference?

No problem, I agree it’s confusing!

Workspace plans are good for graphic designers and developers who are creating websites for clients (mainly). I have 30+ staging sites that I’m continually jumping in and out of for ongoing work. The free workspace plan only allows for 2 staging sites.

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Hey. I am facing the same issue now. can you tell me if you solved yours and how ?
would appreciated it!