What legal notice should be written for Website developement in EU?

Hello there,

As a designer, I just (used to) care about how pretty things looks. I fell in love with Webflow and was able to come up with beautiful (or so I believe) functional website :slight_smile:

I’ve been recently told however that “legal” aspects are important too. For example where the site is being hosted, the contact informations of the person responsible for the website’s content etc…

My question:

I was wondering if someone could advise me or give me some tips regarding what is to be written for a website to be “legal” in Europe (Switerland) ? What are best practices and so on ?

For instance, I’m planing on hosting the website on Webflow, but also use Zapier integration and Mailchimp… which colect IP and email addresses of clients.

The ultimate question:

Would a text on my website saying something like: “by using this website you agree with the terms and condition of Webflow, Zapier and Mailchimp” be enough ?

I understand I cannot seek legal advice on this forum but maybe someone has a best practice to share here ? Would be highly appreciated !

Thank you so much for your help !