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I was wondering if anyone uses a legal form/notice with clients, that protects the designer if anything happens to Webflow, that the designers are not held responsible.



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Hi, I haven’t ask our lawyers to work on this and to add that to our standard contracts, yet. BUT a few weeks after having started with Webflow, I had a serious talk with the clients I convinced to jump to a Webflow templates workflow. I explained them why I wanted us to switch to Webflow, how we could design better looking, modern and responsive site, and most importantly, how it was an online tool and what were the downsides: possible downtime of the service, possible downtime of my own internet access, possible temporary malfunctions of the WF service or export feature among other possible issues. I’ve been as transparent as I could about the service and I made them accept this formally. This was a Skype conference and we’ve produced a summary document by email after that.

Such downsides exist for EVERY online tool. I consider it would be very unprofessional not to disclose all of these infos as the risks exist. Explain the huge benefits over the rather very rare issues with the service. Explain everything about the price plans, the organization plans, and most importantly, don’t say what’s going to come in the future, like awaited features, because you don’t control that at all. Clients have to “buy” what exists and if they want more, you got to look for another workflow.

It’s a year I’m working with Webflow and I haven’t been put in a difficult position by the Webflow service. I’m willing to wait a bit more before asking for an addition in our contracts, because it’s costly and I’d like to have it done right (:

I’m very interrested to read what others did.

I know Webflow is proposing a “white label” option but my opinion is it’s very difficult and risky to not acknoledge Webflow as a design tool. It would be like saying “I’ve build this jpeg in the notepad by hands” when in fact you’re using Photoshop. Webflow cuts cost and at the same time provides better quality and more solid code than most designers can achieve, why should it be hidden?

Edit: when you’re at it and if you use Google and/or Typekit fonts, explain that they have downtimes too, or sometimes they fail serving the fonts for a few seconds. It happens, they have to know about it, and eventually you got to set standard fonts as fallback. I’m using Proxima Nova a lot for on big site, the fallback is Helvetica, client never notice when proxima fails to load (:


It is important to have a conversation with you client about what their objectives are. Then you should propose what tools you will use and explain how those tools will meet their goals. You also have to explain the risks. After that I write into the contract what tools the client has agreed I am going to use.

I also have a standard clause stating that the client is aware of potential down time and performance issues with technolgies X, Y and Z and that I am not resposible for down time and performance issues of technologies I don’t control.

With all that said once the client has signed the contract I never mention the contract again. Only bring it back into the converstation as a last resort if things get really seriours.

Otherwise having regular converstations with your client about what you are working on and what tools you are using is usually enough to address any concers befor they become problems.


Hi @garethknott, another resource that might be useful: These terms govern the usage of Webflow, for everyone. That document may be helpful to refer to in some cases. I have seen some clients of designers, working outside of Webflow, wanting to make sure their site is not located on servers where there is shared server space, with some sites on the server serving up Porn, for example. If the server running the Porn site is blacklisted, it affects all the sites in that server. Not good. You do not have to worry about that in Webflow, we remove all sites which violate our terms of use, for our protection and for yours :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave


Excellent feedback- Sorry for the late reply.

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